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What Not To Say—Ever

As a salesperson, it's easy to get repetitive with your vernacular. Common terms get committed to memory and pop out of your mouth automatically. While it's important to know what you're talking about, beware of overusing certain words, especially jargon.

An article on, 10 Words To Erase From Your Vocabulary,, highlights the most widely used lingo to “erase from your vocabulary immediately,” based on the results of a casual survey of career advisers and communication professionals.

The Real Deal

It's always amusing to watch a stereotypical salesperson in action. With lingo like “my friend” and an arsenal full of conspiratorial whispers and over-the-top gestures, this is one individual from whom you're not likely to buy. Nor is the hard sell approach affective. When someone harasses you with a barrage of never-ending phone calls and emails, it's a natural turnoff. Is it even possible for a salesperson to not only come across as genuine, but courteously persistent? We say yes.

Time On Your Side

No matter what your business, the most important thing you can do each day is to make the most of your time. We all know how challenging this can be, what with frequent interruptions and distractions from people, phone calls, and text messages. Fortunately, it is possible to plan out your day to maximize every moment. The key is to be organized from the start. An article by Lea McLeod, M.A., Founder and CEO, Degrees of Transition, on,,

Getting Ziggy With It

When someone mentions the words “successful business person,” who comes to mind for you? Over the years there have been many innovators who stand out in the crowd. From Ted Turner to Marissa Meyer, each tycoon has his/her own strategies to reach the top. Wouldn't it be nice to be a fly on the wall in Sheryl Sandberg's house or Donald Trump's car? While this isn't possible, we can glean useful advice from those who've already shared it.

Avoiding Sales Pitfalls

If you’ve chosen a career in sales, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Even the most seasoned pros must stay current by following market trends and fluctuations. What worked 20 years ago may be obsolete today. On your way up the ladder, it’s important to be aware of making industry mistakes which could unintentionally sabotage your progress.

Lucky Seven

Congratulations! You've just been hired at a start-up to head the sales department. With such a tremendous responsibility on your shoulders, you want to do a memorable job right out of the gate. Armed with a highly capable team and ample leads, you are ready to proceed. In addition to keeping your pipeline full, having a helpful tool on hand doesn't hurt.

It's time to close your office door, grab your glasses and start reading. We're sure you'll enjoy not only the literary adventure, but what follows afterward; you can make it happen!

What a Concept

If you work in the area of sales, you know firsthand how challenging it can be not only to find, but retain customers. Competition is everywhere and it can get ugly. You can be the best-dressed, most well-versed person in the room, but that doesn't guarantee that you will close the deal. According to The New Conceptual Selling, by Stephen E. Heiman and Diane Sanchez, with Tad Tuleja, the single most important characteristic of a successful salesperson is the ability to communicate effectively with individual customers, and to establish a meaningful dialog on each and every sales call.

B2B for You and Me

Wondering how to attract customers to your business? You can sift through thousands of online articles, in search of the perfect advice, but who has the time to do that? Actor Hugh Laurie summed thing up perfectly as Dr. House when he told Dr. Foreman to do as his colleague, Dr. Chase, and “work smart, not hard.”

Thanks to the expediency of Google, one can pinpoint what one wants. That’s how I came across this gem by J.C. Maldonado III. In it, the BizGro Partners CEO shares five ways to close business in the B2B arena.

Notable Quotables

There's nothing better than a clever quote, especially when it relates to your business. Here's a memorable winner from Jonathan Farrington, Senior Partner at Jonathan Farrington & Associates and CEO of Top Sales World: “Understand that whatever comes next is always better than what came before, so don't carry the hurt and the failures from the past with you into the future—learn to discard them quickly and move on. When one door closes, another twenty open.

I Have An Idea!

Most of us have come up with a original idea at some point in life. As a kid, you may have taped giant trash bags together to form your own generic version of Wham-O's Slip 'N Slide to use on a hot summer day. What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Merriam-Webster defines the term as “one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.”


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