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“Ideas are great, but they are far less valuable than good execution. Work with good executors and your company will grow”—Evan Bailyn, entrepreneur. This quote is a favorite of our founders, President Andrew Battistessa and CEO Kraig Clark. Those in B2B sales know that great outcomes depend on effective execution. Many companies which don't embrace this philosophy are unwittingly setting themselves up for potential failure.

Two in a Million

What does it take to be a stellar B2B salesperson? Besides the more overt traits of having an outgoing personality and industry familiarity, several other factors come into play. I've had the pleasure of audibly observing two of my fellow coworkers over the last few months (they sit behind me), and am fascinated with the different, yet equally effective methods employed by each person. Both came to Auqeo! with extensive sales backgrounds, a college education and a healthy dose of enthusiasm.

What Auqeo! Means to Me

Four months ago, my world centered around my desktop computer and I was a home-based freelance writer, ever on the lookout for assignments. My work ran the gamut from creating and editing ad copy to résumé writing. Although I loved the freedom and flexibility of the job, something important was missing. I was disconnected from the world, and yearned to be a part of a cutting-edge organization.

Haven't Got Time for the Pain Points

While this isn't a modernized version of Carly Simon's song, the main refrain rings true for all of us in business: we haven't got time for the pain [points].

Pain points. If you haven't yet heard this term, it's time to become familiar with it. In B2B sales, a pain point is a challenge a company needs to have addressed and resolved. When you touch on a potential customer's pain point, you are spotlighting their as-yet unmet needs. No matter how big the success of an organization, every business has them.

How May I Help You?

The B2B sales business is not for the faint of heart. It is a world of continual rejections, stiff competition and always having your game face on. Despite the challenges, many are drawn to this career path due to wanting to make a positive difference in people's lives. For these individuals, monetary rewards are secondary. Their primary concern is to help businesses stay in business.

All Eyes On You

Think about the last time you spoke in front of a group. Does the mere thought of this memory bring on anxiety? Or are you one of the few people out there who are a natural in the spotlight? While most of us don't fall into the latter category, I recently spoke with someone who does.

J.P. is a 24 year-old economics graduate student at one of the local universities. We met up in our conference room one warm October afternoon to discuss the topic of presentations. Fresh off a series of school and work speeches, he gladly obliged.

Team Tactics

I am lucky to work with a very talented group of individuals. Our open-plan office gives employees the opportunity to watch and listen to each other, ask questions and provide feedback. Observing the sales team is particularly interesting, as they have their own unique operational methodology. In addition to getting together each morning for the “daily huddle,” where everyone shares what he/she is working on, the team meets once a week for an hour to revise pitches, address difficult objections and discuss strategies to overcome challenges.

It's All in the Tie-Downs

Remember the last time you closed a major deal? All those weeks—maybe even months—of planning, strategizing, showing the customer your value proposition and answering questions, finally culminated in a signed contract. It was a good feeling—one which you'd like to experience on a regular basis. The good news is that you can do just that; all it takes is the inclusion of some well-timed sales tie-downs. These gems are brief questions added to statements throughout a presentation to prime your potential client to say yes long before it's time to sign on the dotted line.

Customer Service 2.0

It's rare to find good customer service these days. Think of the last time you walked into a store. Were you greeted by a sales associate right away or ignored? Has there ever been a time you needed to find something as soon as possible, only to discover that there wasn't a salesperson in sight to ask for help? They're either MIA or clustered in small groups by the Employees Only door, talking among themselves. Neither situation is ideal or productive.

Business At the Next Level

Anthony has worked as a salesperson for 123! Company for nearly eight years. His routine is a comfortable mixture of stability and variety. Dividing his day into four two-hour segments, Anthony categorizes his duties of making calls, answering emails, attending meetings and working on presentations. He plans his day and works his plan. With this organizational structure, he stays on top of things. From clients to coworkers, Anthony treats everyone with respect and courtesy. He's also the highest-grossing salesperson in his company. It's no wonder his bosses think he walks on water.


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