Hello, My Name Is…

One of the most challenging jobs out there has always been that of a salesperson. You really can’t take rejection personally or you’re in the wrong business. Whether selling ad space over the phone or reaching out to prospective customers in person, few methods are more intimidating than cold calling. The people in this line of work must always be “on,” regardless of whatever else is happening in the rest of their lives. Imagine having to sound perky and excited, making call after call, eight hours a day, five days a week.

I Have An Idea!

Most of us have come up with an original idea at some point in life. As a kid, you may have taped giant trash bags together to form your own generic version of Wham-O's Slip 'N Slide to use on a hot summer day. What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Merriam-Webster defines the term as “one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.”

The Rise and Rise of Infographics

Infographics are one of the coolest ways to show the world what'’s going on with your business. Who wants to look at a bar graph or pie chart anymore when you can better understand something with a clear and colorful pictorial? These data-filled graphics illustrate information in a fun way, making the content more memorable for future reference.

Change is in the Air

Nothing is certain but death and taxes. If author Daniel Defoe was alive today, he'’d likely be amazed at the staying power of his proverb. Change is necessary to grow and learn, but rarely is it willingly embraced. When things are going well, why rock the boat unnecessarily? Sometimes there isn’t a choice, like when the employees at Marie Callender’s in Elk Grove showed up for work on a Monday morning in June 2011, only to find the doors locked and the restaurant dark.

Walk This Way

When it comes to business meetings, most of us either love them or hate them. Whether welcomed or dreaded, these get-togethers give everyone the opportunity to discuss important events, current projects and a myriad of other company related topics. The next time you’ve got a scheduled discussion, instead of automatically heading for the nearest conference room, why not try a walking meeting?

A Way with Words

As a B2B blogger, I constantly scour the Web for attention-grabbing sales topics which relate to Auqeo! One of the best resources for said topics comes in the form of professional business writers who know the space well and regularly provide a cornucopia of useful information and suggestions. Here’s a shout out to my two favorites: Kevin Daum and Geoffrey James.

I Win, You Win

Behind every successful sales transaction lies a negotiation history between the sales person and customer. No outcome is better than when the prospect and representative come away from the deal satisfied, understanding that their best interests have been served. Unlike a “take-the-sale-and-run” situation, which leaves a feeling of residual deception, both parties enjoy mutual satisfaction.

Before You Make the Call

The best B2B salespeople know that it takes more than establishing a good client rapport to attract and retain business. They put in the necessary time and research to determine how to construct their approach, and maintain harmonious relationships with existing customers.

New Year, New You

The party's over, folks. Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are behind us. It's time to bid the holidays adieu and turn our attention back to the office. The beginning of a new year is the perfect occasion to make professional resolutions. We're freshly rested, filled up on family cheer and full of good intentions.

Getting Ziggy With It

When someone mentions the words “successful business person,” who comes to mind for you? Over the years there have been many innovators who stand out in the crowd. From Ted Turner to Marissa Meyer, each tycoon has his/her own strategies to reach the top. Wouldn't it be nice to be a fly on the wall in Sheryl Sandberg's house or Donald Trump's car? While this isn't possible, we can glean useful advice from those who've already shared it.


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