We will build a sales team for you and teach them to make them qualified and proficient in your area of service. Our salespeople are trained to ask the right questions and become good listeners. Through the implementation of mentoring, in-house training, pitch presentation and feedback, as well as coaching, we get your team's craft honed. We do all the recruiting, hiring, training, pay salaries, benefits and commissions until they're ready to transition back to your organization.

We bring a broad set of services to organizations, from angel to mid-stage, to help them over their plateaus. Activity breeds results. At heart, we're a sales organization. We'll look at anything viable and scalable. Once a customer joins, we essentially become them. We tend to forget about our own branding. Auqeo! is all about sales, entrepreneurship, young technologists and mentoring for mid-stage companies. We understand the business cycle and have first-hand experience.