Sales Incubation and Acceleration

At Auqeo!, we have a long-term relationship with our clients. We will build a sales team for you from inception to finish, at which time we give the VP of sales and his/her team to the company. We recruit, train, mentor, develop and manage them in accordance with our proven methodology. A long engagement results in a well-trained team. It all comes down to pipeline management and executive development. We sell your products or services via inside or outside sales, becoming an extension of your company.

Imagine working in a cutting-edge, modern 12,000 square-foot facility. That's what you'll find here at Auqeo! Unlike traditional establishments, replete with cubicles and windowless rooms, we've replaced the typical hierarchical structure with an open-plan design. This set-up fosters creativity, and encourages our employees to tap into their talent reservoirs, resulting in exponential growth and scalability, low turnover and higher revenue generated for your company.