I Win, You Win

Behind every successful sales transaction lies a negotiation history between the sales person and customer. No outcome is better than when the prospect and representative come away from the deal satisfied, understanding that their best interests have been served. Unlike a “take-the-sale-and-run” situation, which leaves a feeling of residual deception, both parties enjoy mutual satisfaction.

Competition is only growing; savvy customers buy for their own reasons, and have the advantage to pick and choose from the pool. It's a buyer's market. As such, salespeople must effectively distinguish themselves to remain successful in the field.

Is there anything reps can do to facilitate enduring success? Yes. According to The New Conceptual Selling, the following four things must be obtained from every sales call:

1. Satisfied customers—Every sales transaction involves mutual dependence. Salespeople who listen to their customers' needs, and draw out pain points during the conversation, are able to come up with customized solutions, leading to client gratification.

2. Long-term business relationships—Although this step takes time to achieve, it is a reachable goal. With each successive positive transaction, the salesperson becomes more firmly entrenched in the customer's brain, eventually coming to mind automatically whenever it's time for a client to make a purchase.

3. Solid, repeat business with your “regular” customers—Now that you've built up a sizable customer base, it's up to you to maintain contact and follow up with them on a regular basis with a handwritten note, email or phone call. It shows that you're interested in them beyond the closing of the sale.

4. Enthusiastic referrals to new prospects—In sales, nothing is more powerful than word of mouth. Once you've established a solid business relationship with a client, you can ask him/her for referrals. As satisfied customers, they will feel comfortable and confident to endorse you to others, based on their positive interactions with you.

Profitable and comfortable, Win-Win selling is designed to benefit the customer and salesperson. It is the only outcome which will result in lasting success.

At Auqeo!, we engage in Win-Win selling every day. To learn more about our sales methodology, visit us at www.auqeo.net.

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